David W. Barnes Funeral Home is independently owned and operated by David and Carol Barnes of Coffeyville, Kansas. 

Our competitors, who are owned by corporations with headquarters in big cities, will oftentimes say they are family owned; however they don't mention that the family lives out of the area. This corporate environment leads to a lesser amount of revenue being reinvested in the community.

We find something reassuring about doing business with people who not only do we see on a regular basis during business hours, but who we see at church, the grocery store, or at the cafe on Saturday morning for breakfast with family.

By choosing a family owned firm, such as David W. Barnes Funeral Home, you not only are guaranteed a superior service, compassionate care, and honest prices, you also are saying, “I support my hometown!”

If you have any questions, please feel free to call dad and he will be glad to answer your questions.